YELLOWSTONE Oil Spill Costs Triple to $135 million

Exxon Mobil have admitted spiralling costs of clean-up and compensation for their July 2011 oil spill in the Yellowstone River, Montana.

Bear oil

The company reports it has reached compensation agreements with 95% of property owners. Although it is being sued by some for an alleged “haphazard, sloppy” cleanup.

The EPA believes “raging high waters” from excessive snowmelt caused the pipeline rupture.

The $135 million is a tripling from previous estimates and remains an estimate of costs but includes overall emergency response and cleanup efforts including personnel, equipment, landowner claims and projects associated with the restart of the pipeline such as the horizontal directional drill. 

Horizontal directional drill” refers to the process the company used to bore a new route for the pipeline dozens of feet beneath the riverbed. That move was mandated by federal pipeline regulators.

Interesting co-investment figures from State agencies show that during October 2011, $900 000 was spent on the spill and clean-up.

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